In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Mike Hauptman, founder of AdLib, an awesome premium Ad platform for everyone (literally!!!). We dig into any correlations between First-Party consent and Third-Party cookies and address any potential solution.

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Article #1:First-Party Consent Can Replace Third-Party Cookies Manny Puentes, founder and CEO at Rebel AI. on Adexchanger

Third-party cookies have been an anonymous, necessary evil to deliver highly targeted ads. Though third-party cookies are discussed in terms of consumer privacy, the third-party cookie itself is actually completely anonymous. Platforms can’t determine who you are based on the generated ID representing your device. Real privacy concerns start to proliferate when you mix third-party cookies with form data, such as email, first name and last name, and send that data along with a cookie.

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  • “Diversity isn’t a strategy, it has to be authentic.”

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