In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Noor Naseer, Sr. Director of Media Innovations & Technology at Centro. Noor talks about how automation tools are necessary for our industry to improve team efficiency by assessing opportunities and challenges in their day-to-day and across other departments. She also gives us some examples of how we can fix automation problems, and how automation has impacted media buying. Do you currently have internal automation? How are you inspiring your teams into being effective in their campaign performances? What are you doing to remain productive and creative? 

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00:00 – Podcast Introduction

01:07 – Guest Introduction

02:29 – Offering Thought Leadership in a Valuable way

05:13 – Automation in Digital Media

10:19 – The Programmatic Meetup Intro

12:25 – Opportunities to Fix Automation Problems

17:27 – Tools For Automations

19:23 – Automation from 3 Different Perspectives

22:50 – Visual & Report Tools for Automation

25:15 – Closing Remarks

30:09 – Podcast Outro

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