We had a LinkedIn Live Series a couple weeks ago where we live streamed the podcast interview on the Host’s LinkedIn profile.


In this week’s LinkedIn Live Series we went over the importance of continuous education in our industry. Very often in our industry, we don’t prioritize training as much as we should.So we took the time to give different options of how agencies can combat this lack of education. We dive deep into programs we offer here at Helene Parker Consulting LLC, such as our Agency VIP days. Agency VIP days are where we will spend the entire day covering Fundamentals to Best Practices that align with agency business goals.


Feel free to check the visual on YouTube as it is available now!


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0:00 – The New Podcast Intro Music

01:05 – Linked In Live Guest Introduction

01:59 – Podcast Host Introduction

04:19 – What Is VIP Day?

09:05 – Helene Parker Consulting LLC Introduction

10:35 – Importance of Agency Education through VIP Training

15:03 – Our Media Buying Sourcing Agency: DigitalxMedia

16:25 – LinkedIn Live Recap

17:33 – Closing Remarks

18:21 – Podcast Outro


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