• Programmatic advertising is projected to reach over $155 Billion of USD in 2022 

  • Average salary a year can range between $55,000-$135,000 USD

  • Marketers and Brands say they recorded 30-60% revenue increase with programmatic advertising

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What Does Programmatic Training Looks Like Today?

Limited Accessibility

Training is currently provided by Ad Techs and Partners limiting individuals with no affiliation from learning. A major entry barrier!

All Are Not Created Equal

Training provided by AdTechs can be skewed toward how to best utilize their own platforms although a decent picture of fundamentals are included

Lack Of User Focus

Training can be focused on the technology capabilities removing the human aspect of the learning journey for those that will use the platform. (Yes! We do Love some Buzzword! But no point for them if no one understand them!)

Why I Should Take This Course?

I need a career move

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone Looking To Learn/Improve a New Skill

Corporate Professionals

Media Buyers & Sellers


Digital Marketing Specialists

Professionals with a Traditional Media Background

Sales, PR, Communications, Creative & IT Professionals

I'm Ready To Lean A New Skill

What will I learn in this course?

Each module have been carefully and concisely crafted to address the
What, How, Why, and Best Practices to start implementing as completed

Module 1: Fundamentals

  • What programmatic media is
  • The benefits for advertisers
  • The benefits for publishers
  • The benefits for Agency
  • Available 2/22/22

Module 2: Programmatic Ecosystem Part I

  • Demand-Side Platform
  • Supply-Side Platform
  • SPO
  • Ad Exchange
  • Ad Server
  • Data-Management Platform
  • Available 2/22/22

Module 2: Programmatic Ecosystem Part II

  • Agency Trading Desk
  • Ad Fraud Protection
  • Ad Viewability Solution
  • Brand Safety Solution
  • Data Analytics Essentials
  • Available 2/22/22

Module 3: Programmatic Media Buying

  • Open Auctions
  • Private Auctions
  • Programmatic Direct
  • Preferred Deals
  • Guaranteed Deals
  • Available 3/22/22
Digital advertising displays in Times Square

Module 4: Programmatic Media Placements

  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Native Ads
  • TV Ads
  • Audio Ads
  • Digital Out-Of-Home Ads
  • Available 3/22/22
Group of women walking together down a city street

Module 5: Targeting Mix

  • Contextual Targeting
  • Demographics Targeting
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Lookalike / AI Audience
  • 3rd-Party Audience Segment
  • Remarketing
  • Available 4/22/22
Group of women walking together down a city street

Module 6: Programmatic Media Workflow

  • Strategy Planning
  • Creating a Media Plan
  • Ad Operations
  • Available 5/22/22

Module 7: Managing Programmatic Campaigns

  • What is optimizing?
  • Optimization Levers
  • Best Practices
  • Available 5/22/22
I'm ready to learn more

About Your Programmatic Coach

Hélène, read “Ellen, Parker is optimistic, outgoing, and open-minded. Her Charisma is contagious and impactful. She was given the nickname of programmatic sensei many years ago by her peers and partners because of her ability to learn new skills and teach them in a comprehensible way. She has close to 10 years of experience working for advertising agencies and is the host of the Programmatic Digest podcast.

About The Parent Company

Helene Parker Consulting offers Programmatic Media Solutions to Agency and Brand partners via consulting, training/workshop, and media activation. As a result of working with us, our clients have increased their revenue by 10-30% within the first 3 months. Our winning framework focuses on improving employee retention and revamping internal operations while empowering with knowledge.

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“Hélène and I have crossed paths professionally a couple times, but I will never forget who helped me build pivot tables, learn acronyms and hit impossible KPI’s during my early days as a media trader. She started as my mentor, demonstrating patience, encouraging me to never stop learning, and challenging me to grow no matter the obstacles that came up. Helene’s training style is hands on, high energy and positive, and I will forever look back on our time together as a turning point in my career.”

 — Tashia Souza – –

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