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The Insertion:

Programmatic Media Solutions

Increase Your Revenue – Improve Employee Retention – Reinforce Operational Workflow

The Insertion is my signature done-with-you programmatic media solution service. Perfect for multi-six-figure Brands and Agency Partners who want to scale their revenue offering Programmatic media as a service while maintaining their high-touch, high-quality business model.

Structured as a 3-5 days virtual or in-person workshops, we will focus on interactive and engaging training catered to your team growth and revenue increase. It is a customizable training program, we will make sure to take you from Fundamentals, Best practices, to running a successful Programmatic media department.

One-Time Investment starting at

$8,500 USD

depending on training and team count.

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1-1 Coaching

The 1-1 coaching is a 3-month private coaching container expertly designed to tangibly transform and fit you. Designed for service providers who want to take exquisite care of themselves and their clients by developing and mastering programmatic as a skill. You are looking to master your “day-to-day” and don’t know where to start?