ConnectedTV Fraud and Supply Inventory Brand Safety With Shelley Stone




March 25, 2020



In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Shelley Stone, Digital Media Strategist at BRKThru Digital. She has over 9 years of experience in the programmatic industry and is going over Do’s and Don’t’s regarding connectedTV fraud and supply inventory brand safety.

This week, we discuss the following articles:

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Article #1: Practical Ways To Protect Campaigns And Staunch Growing CTV Ad Fraud by Karlene Lukovitz

MediaPost reported on an ad-fraud scheme, called out in a Pixalate blog, in which thieves exploited mobile app advertising security loopholes by using consumers’ devices as proxies.

That scheme — which became inactive as of mid January, but has served to spotlight the growing fraud problem — used code to disguise standard banner ads purchased on Grindr’s Android app to look like video ad slots on Roku CTV devices.

The spoof ads were then sold on programmatic exchanges. The objective: Make money by passing off a low-CPM mobile display unit as a much higher-CPM unit.

Article #2: Online advertisers should evolve from ‘brand safety’ to ‘brand suitability’ By Omar Oakes

“Brand safety is often about the non-negotiables, the types of content on particular sites that particular advertisers will find truly objectionable. That safety net will always need to be in place.” Integral Ad Science, managing director EMEA, Nick Morley,

“But we need a much more granular set of controls for brands to assess the risk that is applicable to them. The risk for a CPG nappies brand is different from a gaming company. Each of those brands needs to think about contextual intelligence that informs and corresponds to the pages on which they want to run ads.”

In practice, Morley explained, advertisers need to adopt a set of “customizable” risk thresholds in which they set the terms of how suitable certain types of content is and therefore how willing they are to advertise against it.

Diversity & Inclusion segment:

  • Is there a silver lining when it comes to targeting Ethnicity in our programmatic media strategies?

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