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Our mission is to provide education in programmatic media in support of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Representation.

Structured as a virtual or in-person workshop, we will focus on an interactive and engaging training catered to your team growth and revenue increase. It is a customizable training program, we will make sure to take you from fundamentals, best practices, to running a successful Programmatic media department.

We’re here to build a workshop

that can fit your needs

See An Example of Workshops (90 Mins To 3 Hours) We’ve Offered Before:

We offer customized training programs to you and your team on any of the following topics:

✔️ Hiring, Onboarding, and Retaining Programmatic Talent

✔️ Programmatic Advertising Fundamentals

✔️ Programmatic Ecosystem

✔️ Understanding Targeting Capabilities

✔️ Programmatic Activation

✔️ Internal Workflow

✔️ Best Practices

✔️ DSP Fundamentals

✔️ How To Optimize

Increase Your Revenue – Improve Employee Retention – Reinforce Operational Workflow

This is for you if…

☑️ Your team has grown rapidly in an unstructured and unsustainable way

☑️ Your teams are missing deadlines, and frustrated with their expectations and deliverables

☑️ Your team is unmotivated and unwilling to take initiative, go above and beyond like they used too

☑️ Your Director is still managing campaigns because no one else on the team has senior experience

☑️ You and Your team are not aligned on the future

Employee Retention starts with onboarding and training.

Find out if your onboarding process encourage employee growth and retention

Our winning onboarding checklist can help you retain your top talents

Download our checklist with a clear roadmap of what it looks like to onboard any programmatic ninja successfully. Get a concise plan of what the first 30,60, and 90 days should look like.

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Why Are Our Workshop so Important for Your Team’s growth?

Inspire Creativity
Encourage Innovation
Create a team of confident and consistent warriors
Affordable Investment

Flexible and Efficient Learning


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