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September 25, 2019



In the Sensei’s Corner, we welcome Matt Prohaska, CEO and Principal of Prohaska Consulting.

This week, we discuss everything DMEXCO, including the following articles:

Matt Prohaska is a 26-year media veteran and consulting executive to leading digital media and advertising technology firms and executives. As head of Prohaska Consulting, Matt, with a leadership team of 10 executives and a network of more than 400 senior executives in 45 cities across the globe, works with CEOs, CROs, COOs, CFOs, and CTOs to drive revenue and/or reduce costs on a strategic and/or tactical level by improving sales, marketing, operations, product, and/or tech.

You can find Matt on LinkedIn and on his website.



Article #1: What We Learned at Dmexco 2019, Ad Tech’s Week in the Spotlight By Ronan Shields

3 big topics to cover here:

1. Ad tech must reconcile privacy concerns:

Apple, Firefox, Chrome, all have and are continuing to attempt and tackle this in their own way. More recently, Apple unveiled an API called SKAdNetwork, an update to the iOS app ecosystem which it claims will help advertisers measure the success of their campaigns while maintaining user privacy. Some of these changed have had direct and meaningful impacts on programmatic revenues and CPMs, as bid rates drop on account of a lack of addressability. This has crystallized the criticality of exploring solutions beyond the cookie.

2. How to track users in a post-cookie world

The IAB and others have proposed to ID everybody on earth so that those who want privacy can thereby reveal it. I do not see how this could pass the GDPR test,” he said in a statement sent to Adweek. TTD’s Unified ID solution. I’ve covered in the last episode how the industry should consider a content ID approach stepping into a cookieless world.

3. Programmatic buyers focus on SPO:

Paul Gubbins, global programmatic strategy lead at Unruly, shared insights on how publishers were more concerned about protecting their revenues this year at Dmexco, as opposed to driving incremental growth in years past. He further explained to Adweek how the privacy headwinds were affecting media buyers’ approach to just how many programmatic players they work with, i.e. executing their supply path optimization (SPO) strategies.



Article #2: There’s a big question mark’: At Dmexco, ad tech braces for the challenges ahead by Seb Joseph

This article really highlighted the challenges we are facing and the Trade Desk Unified ID solutions as one.

“If you can’t track people at all, then how do you know if your ads are working?” asked a senior marketer on the sidelines of Dmexco. “There’s a big question mark over how this is going to pan out because all the tech that we’ve built and the way we track people is underpinned by cookies.”


Article #3: What’s in and out at Dmexco 2019 by Digiday Editors

Check out the infographic discussed HERE.




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