Erik Requidan & Justin from Media Tradecraft Part I




April 21, 2021


In the Sensei’s corner this week, we welcomed Erik Requidan and Justin Hansen, the founders of the company Media TradeCraft. With several years of experience in the publishing industry, Media TradeCraft specializes in media services that serve both large media companies or mid-sized publishers. More than ad management, Media TradeCraft delivers customized strategies to bring in more revenue. By doing that, they provide more exclusive services to their publishers and work directly with the team internally, making them stand out in their industry.

The conversation was so lit we had to break it out into 2 episodes so stay tuned for part II next week.

This week we refer to the following articles/resources:

Connect with: Erik A. Requidan | Justin Hansen | Media TradeCraft



Article #The coming cookie changes will force small publishers to give up on advertising altogether.

With the disappearance of third-party cookies fast approaching, digital ad revenues find themselves struggling on how to function. The coming changes will create a struggle for publishers because most of their sustainable income comes from digital advertising. Digital advertising has become so competitive that small publishers are beginning to step away. Many cannot hire the talent needed to stay atop programmatic advertising, and many small publishers find themselves struggling to attract direct buyers. Without third-party cookies and targeting, publishers will not have the scale to compete with others.

Article #2 The Trade Desk. Unified ID 2.0

Advertising has allowed content providers to produce a piece of Identification that many of us enjoy using regularly; these include mobile apps, streaming television, or other website experiences. However, the use of this content has not always been well understood, communicated, or even managed. The Unified ID 2.0 is a tentative solution where leading industry partners can collaborate with others across our ecosystem to create an open-source ID framework. Built from encrypted email addresses, this ID will build a new era for identity.

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