Initial Look into IAB’s Project REARC and more, with Kolin Kleveno




March 11, 2020



In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Kolin Kleveno, the SVP, Head of Programmatic at 360i where we cover the benefits and challenges of the IAB’s project REARC. He also explains what a third-party cookie-less and highly regulated privacy AdTech industry could mean to us, programmatic and digital ninjas.

This week, we discuss the following articles pulled from AdWeek:

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Article #1: The IAB Tech Lab Has a Campaign Strategy to Educate the Public About Ad Tech By Ronan Shields

IAB’s initiative to break down to the public what is going on in our industry in terms of how their data is tracked and used. They outlined a planned campaign at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, the goal of the campaign is really pushing the rest of the industry to incorporate a consumer centric and consumer controlled ecosystem. Educating consumers so that even your mom and pop could see the benefit the trade off.

Article #2: Ad Tech Is Trying to Rebuild the Industry From the Ground Up By Ronan Shields

Additional resource: Project REARC: An Industry Collaboration to Rearchitect Digital Marketing, an initiative to get stakeholders across the digital advertising and media supply chain working together to make the internet a better place for consumers – marrying the value of privacy, personalization, and community.

Quoting the article “Sources tell Adweek this will involve working with publishers to generate a new means of targeting specific audience segments based on first-party data, such as email addresses. These data points can then be hashed to generate a pseudonym for a user, which is then packaged and made available as an audience targeting tool for advertisers.”

Also under discussion are protections that can be put in place so that the proposed ID cannot be reverse-engineered to expose personally identifiable information.

Diversity & Inclusion segment:

  • Kolin highlighted how proud he is of 360i team dynamic.

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