Is Facebook Building A Nation State And Other Things You Should Know About Small Business Marketing




March 10, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome back Robert Brill, who was on the podcast a couple years ago. Robert Brill is the chief executive officer of Brill Media, an advertising firm whose core business model is to help marketers advertise without spending a fortune. Spending over ten years in the digital advertising business, Robert saw how massive brands such as Sony, Disney, Bacardi, and more could take off through the programmatic ecosystem and flourish with their advertisements. Brill Media was created to help the independent business get accessibility to the same tools as large companies to help drive more sales and leads.

No specific case studies were mentioned in this episode, but I did pull some resources:

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Case Study #1: Coronavirus: How the advertising agency is changing

Because of the coronavirus, people are spending more time watching Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, which means fewer people see advertisings. This means that companies are spending whatever money they can to get their brands out there during this pandemic. Brands are reminding people that they still exist, and even during this pandemic, they will continue to use whatever funds deem necessary to stay in the consumer’s minds.

Case Study #2: The Impact of COVID-19 on Advertising and Marketing Campaigns.

Because of the Coronavirus of 2020 has brought economic hardships and public health concerns around the world. Due to these changing economic times, it causes businesses to re-evaluate the way they attract consumers and promote their products and services. Advertising, marketing campaigns, and promotional practices will become the core focus on how to stand out against the competition and continue to strive in the future.

Case Study #3: How Third-Party Cookies Elimination Will Affect Programmatic Ecosystem

In 2019, Google announced the phase-out of third-party cookies. Third-party cookies play an important role in the digital advertising ecosystem. Cookies allow publishers and ad buyers to show any relevant advertising to specific users. By eliminating third-party cookies, digital ad revenue is projected to drop 52 percent.

The Three Things that helped you stay mindful and present during the pandemic:

  • Having a cup of hot cappuccino first thing in the morning with his espresso machine
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  • Reading time with his son Henry

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