Manuela Cortes Discusses CTV, the Latin American Market, and More




June 29, 2021


We welcome Manuela Cortes, Programmatic Media Strategy Guru. Manuela oversees media buying strategy and execution across different channels for performance campaigns (CPA,CPL and CPI).

Additionally, she has experience in media buying on programmatic, social media, search, and native platforms, generates revenue for clients on specific KPIs, and have worked with sales team to execute pitch proposals on digital strategy for direct clients. In this episode, we are discussing the status and trends of the Latin American market, streaming consumers, CTV, and more.

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Article #1: Why Latin America Is So Big on the Ad-Supported Streaming Market’s Radar

This article “looks at how Latin America is emerging as a new hotbed for the ad-supported streaming industry.”

Article #2: CTV in LATAM: Widespread CTV Adoption and High Ad Receptivity Shows Opportunities for Marketers

“Magnite’s new research report, CTV in LATAM: The Future Forward, explores the shift in peoples’ viewing habits across the region, and identifies CTV as an imperative for advertisers to formulate their media buying strategies for 2021 and beyond.”

Article #3: How CTV Delivers on the Promise of TV for Today’s Advertisers

“Connected TV (CTV) is the future of TV, providing scale and reach at a level rivaling traditional TV. The working, staying and playing at home that 2020 unexpectedly brought about has accelerated the adoption of streaming TV in Latin America.”

0:50 – Introduction to Manuela & Aluna

3:00 – Status of Latin American Market

4:30 – Understanding the Latin American Market

5:40 – Measuring Consumer Experience & User Tracking Through Third-Party Cookies

9:00 – The Advantages of Social Channels and Mobile Devices

11:00 – Streaming Consumers in Latin America and Paid vs. Free Content

19:23 – Manuela’s Projections for the Future of CTV

27:31 – Digiday Article & Trusting Automations

31:27 – Manuela’s Three Fun Facts

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