MiQ’s Amanda Abrarpour and Joseph Krafty Discuss U.S. Hispanic Consumers, DOOH, and More




July 20, 2021


We welcome Amanda Abrarpour and Joseph Krafty of MiQ to the Sensei’s Corner. MiQ is a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies. Their better connected approach to programmatic advertising means they can connect data, discover insights and activate them in high-performance campaigns to deliver real business outcomes for their clients in an increasingly divided world. In this episode, we are discussing DOOH, deterministic vs. probabilistic data, and how to be culturally relevant to Hispanic consumers.

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Resource #1 – Hispanic Consumers Are Recovery Optimists; Black Consumers Are Cautious Optimists

Early on in the pandemic, we saw how COVID-19 impacted different communities and industries unequally. As more states reopen and people resume “normal” activities, it’s clear that these communities and industries will bounce back at different tempos. Using data from the latest Nielsen Total Audience Report: Advertising Across Today’s Media, we’ve identified three primary consumer recovery groups: Recovery Optimists, Cautious Optimists and Recovery Pessimists.

Resource #2 – Culturati’s POV on Hispanic Media Usage

“The current media landscape is a reflection of the evolving make-up of the U.S. Hispanic audience, who are not immune to the influences of the internet, social media and the proliferation of audio and video streaming. Technology advancements have impacted the way U.S. Hispanics consume media, from what they are watching to how and where they chose to watch.”

0:30 – Amanda’s Introduction

3:19 – Joseph’s Introduction

6:20 – Media Placements & Connecting With Hispanic Streaming Consumers

10:35 – Cultural Relevance For Agencies, Media Buyers, and CEOs

13:00 – Deterministic Data vs. Probabilistic Data

15:30 – Tips for Implementing the U.S. Hispanic Audience Targeting in Your Company’s Media Mix

19:35 – Benefits of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising and MiQ

25:45 – Amanda’s Fun Fact

26:35 – Joseph’s Fun Fact

27:10 – What show are each of you currently binge-watching?





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