Nishant Desai Shares Applicable Tips To Prepare Your Strategy for Cookie Deprecation




April 7, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, Nishant Desai, the director of technology and operations at Xaxis is back with some major updates (this is a follow-up from Episode 27). Before working for Xaxis, Nishant was in tech support for the ad server and then moved into the client solutions for the company 24/7 real media. In 2014, Xaxis and 24/7 merged, and Nishant moved into technology and operations, where he has been working for almost fourteen years and now heads up the grid. Today’s episode is the updated version from the previous episode. In today’s episode, Nish covers a lot of grounds on best practices and tips you need to know in preparation for Google’s cookie deprecation.

This week we will be referring to the article:

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Article #1 Why we need a Browser-Based Identity Standard

Advertising and media platforms react to new privacy regulations that can make it harder for marketers and their ad spends. With California’s new Consumer Protection Act, which took effect last year, and new restrictions, Google has blocked the use of customer IDs and will only provide aggregated and Google-specific data to advertisers via Ads Data Hub. Costs will most likely rise that will cause a drain on brands, consumers, and ad-supported media.

Article #2 Google’s Latest Announcement Confirms Cookie Deprecation Is A Chance to Kick The Identifier Addiction, Not Replace It

There’s been a great deal of anxiety regarding what would happen to the digital advertising world after Google announced the retirement of third-party cookies and Apple’s move to make IDFA’s opt-ins. Google has now announced that it will not provide an alternate user-level identity, which means we are getting close to making the shift to an opt-in world. What will this mean to the Open web concept? Alternative user-level identifiers will be available, but they will not be built or used for Google. How will this affect media strategies?

Diversity and Inclusion Segment

Since working for Xaxis, Nish has always worked from home. During the pandemic working from home became the new norm; there wasn’t much of a change. However, his team and Xaxis have taken everything into stride. Pre-pandemic most of the team didn’t even know how to use video conferencing, and now everyone is comfortable with the systems. Most team members all work from different locations, but with Xaxis, they still have built this sense of community that you would still get from working in an office.

Three things you do every day for yourself or suggest others to do when working from home:

  • Get out of the house every day. Whether that’s taking a walk or getting coffee somewhere and changing up your scenery when working from home
  • Chatting with friends and making a connection via video calls
  • Do something you really enjoy doing at the end of the day

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