Re-Architecting and Unifying: Shiv from Uof.Digital defines it all




March 17, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome back Shiv Gupta, a former executive who has worked in the ad tech space for over ten years. Soon after graduating college, he worked for, also known as AOL, as part of the operations team. He moved on to Criteo, where he worked as the VP for sales in the eastern region of the United States. Now, he started his own company called; UofDigital, where they focused on bringing structured education to the industry and empowering individuals and teams to drive better outcomes.

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Case Study #1: UID 2.0 bring taken over by Prebid

Unified UID is an industry effort to create an email-based alternative to third-party cookies. While managing all of UID 2.0 hardware and software infrastructure, Prebid will also handle all email encryption and decryption process by ensuring all IDs are readable and guarantee while running properly. The prebid plan is to stand up against the necessary infrastructure and provide support to UID 2.0 to go live by the middle of the year.

Case Study #2: The Trade Desk’s Unified ID is Gaining Steam. Here’s Where Things Stand

Three partnerships are working together to support the UID 2.0 initiative: LiveRamp, Criteo, and Nielsen. Each partnership will take on a different element of the development process of UID 2.0, which aims to use encrypted and hashed email addresses to create a replacement for third-party cookies. Creating this type of deal is necessary to achieve the collaboration that the Trade Desk is going for.

Bonus Conversation: Going back into work after Covid

The new world is going to become a hybrid between in-person and virtual. Personally, the online video culture has improved dramatically pre-pandemic. Many people didn’t take it seriously beforehand, and now people are taking this situation more seriously with their work. We as a society have been forced to learn how to create productivity and video calls. There are negative and positive effects to both of these.

The Three Things that helped you stay mindful and present during the pandemic:

  • Don’t treat the workday like a workday. Create your own schedule around work/life balance
  • Make your lunch in your own kitchen. Have fun with it.
  • Keep moving. Stay mobile

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