Solimar and More With Tyler Bryant




July 28, 2021


We had a LinkedIn Live Series a couple weeks ago where we livestream the podcast interview on the Host’s LinkedIn profile, the podcast YouTube and Facebook Live. Feel free to check the visual on YouTube as it is available now!

We welcomed Tyler Bryant, Programmatic Manager at GroupeConnect – a Publicis Groupe Solution. We discuss the latest announcement from the Trade Desk, Solimar. Their new platform completely reimagines the media buying experience, putting your business objectives front and center, unleashing the full power of your first-party data, and giving you access to a powerful marketplace of measurement partners, quoting directly from their release announcement conference.

This week, we are referencing:

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Tyler Bryant: LinkedIN

Programmatic Digest Podcast: Shownote | Website | YouTube | LinkedIn

Helene Parker: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram



0:01 – The Podcast New Intro music 

0:45 – LinkedIn Live Details 

3:15 – Helene Parker Consulting LLC introduction 

5:00 – Solimar Announcement 

6:45 – Tyler’s POV on Solimar and TTD

7:50 – Functionality of Solimar and why

9:30 – FLoC capabilities and potential downfall

11:30 – What The Interweb thinks about The Actual event

12:30 – Privacy as a Sword and Shield

15:00 – Disruption in The Industry

17:30 – Test different Solution 

18:00 – Helene’s POV on Solimar 

19:15 – Adoption of Solimar by The Industry

21:00 –  TD7, what?

23:45 – Next Steps, Tyler’s Tips 

26:15 – Live Q&A 



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