Streaming Videos and ConnectedTV audience fragmentation with Gabriel Cohen




August 18, 2021


We had a LinkedIn Live Series a couple of weeks ago where we live-streamed the podcast interview on the Host’s LinkedIn profile.

In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we had Gabriel Cohen from Magnite where we discussed ways Data-driven TV impacts audience strategy. We also touched on some of the reasoning as to why certain brands are being very hesitant on moving from Linear TV to TV streaming. Lastly, we took a deep dive into all things CTV; including how to measure its incrementality, fragmentation, and dealing with CTV Fraud.

Feel free to check the visual on YouTube as it is available now!

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Gabriel Cohen: LinkedIn | Website

Programmatic Digest Podcast:  Website | YouTube | LinkedIn | Instagram

Helene Parker: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter 

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0:00 – Podcast Introduction

01:44 – What is Telaria?

02:45 – Intro to Helene Parker Consulting LLC

06:33 – Guest Ninja Introduction

11:51 – Why is there brand hesitation when moving from linear to streaming?

14:03 – Measuring incrementality with CTV

17:26 – Ad Targeting Update

19:46 – Fragmentation in the CTV Space

21:32 – CTV Outside the US

28:25 – Fraud in CTV

32:07 – Closing Remarks

35:29 – Podcast Outro

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