Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter as Programmatic Ninjas with Sanarr McLaughlin – Part 1




August 21, 2019



This week, we discussed the new integration with Scarborough and Nielsen’s cross-media measurement platform. Verizon medias new ad transparency tool provides reach cost insights and forecasting capabilities. We continue to spend more and more time on our mobile devices, 7.93 hours projected to increase to 8.25 hours a day by 2021. Burger King is offering an “Upside Down Whopper”. Google’s quest continues as it acquires Looker. And Finally, does AI have racial biases?

Later on, Sanarr McLaughlin joins us in the Sensei’s Corner to discuss couple articles on Diversity and Inclusion in a two-part episode.

Sanarr McLaughlin is an aspiring entrepreneur and expert digital marketer with over 15 years of experience across many channels (display, social, affiliate, search, email) and verticals (retail, education, entertainment, hospitality, finance, personal services). She is the Co-host of The Brand Equation Podcast.

Her core strengths include strategy development, designing business operation models, spearheading collaborative projects, implementing new technologies and managing people (a.k.a. helping people love what they do and do what they love). She has an amazing soul and here are a few words to describe her personality: ambitious Aries, fireball, leader, driven, friendly, party girl, and yet, an old lady who loves naps.

You can connect with Sanarr McLaughlin: LinkedIn | Podcast



Article #1:

Nielsen announced its integration with Scarborough’s consumer lifestyle and product purchase data of Nielsen’s cross-media measurement platform, “Nielsen Media Impact.”

As a gentle reminder, Scarborough conducts annual surveys of American consumers’ lifestyle, media usage, and product purchasing preferences. Joe Mandese, author of MediaPost article, compares the acquisition with GfK’s MRI and Simmons which conduct similar annual surveys. The databases are leveraging their media planning hooks to create more utility for other media research database, he adds.

Article #2:

Quoting Amy Gesenhues in her article in MarketingLand.com, Verizon medias new ad transparency tool provides reach cost insights and forecasting capabilities. Verizon Media has rolled out a new tool for its DSP users offering more transparency into the programmatic ad platform. The tool, said Verizon Media, is designed to give advertisers a comprehensive view of the programmatic landscape — showing reach and cost analysis by channel (display, CTV, DOOH, audio, etc.), ad format and exchange. It also provides forecasting insights. This feature will allow media buyers to see in-depth performance metrics, cost analysis for each channel, format and exchange and even forecasts based on those insights to inform their campaign strategy, creative and targeting optimizations.


Article #3:

Larissa Faw covers in her article on MediaPost how the mobile internet usage is reaching 800 hours a year. The mobile internet has expanded the amount of time people spend consuming media each day, reaching an average of 479 minutes, according to Zenith’s latest Media Consumption Forecast. 479 minutes represents 7.93 hours which is projected to increase to 495 minutes a day by 2021. That’s and increase to 8.25 hours a day. Larissa quotes Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting, Zenith “Mobile internet technology has expanded both the amount of time people spend with media and what counts as media,” he says. “Media now means comparing prices on the high street, sharing jokes with friends and booking your next holiday, opening up new opportunities for brands to connect with consumers.” Despite so, Online usage growth is slowly decreasing now that most people in the developed world who want a mobile device have one, and ownership is becoming common in developing markets.


Article #4:

Brace yourself the third season of Stranger Things premieres July 4th! The Upside down whopper is coming in 11 restaurants across 10 major U.S. markets thanks to Burger King, Coca-Cola and Netflix teaming up on the mentioned promotion. Burger King is looking to maybe maximum buzz with minimum operational disruption by offering an upside-down Whopper (same ingredients, but served upside down in a special package) The “while supplies last” offer, available to those who order a Whopper meal, starts June 21. Quoting directly from Karlene Lukovitz, author of the media post article. Burger king is also offering a “hopper meal” for $5 on order through Doordash.

Article #5:

Google announced plans to acquire business intelligence platform Looker for $2.6 billion deal. The company’s technology will integrate as a service into the Google Cloud Platform. It also potentially will bring in new customers such as Amazon, Fox, Cisco, and Venmo. Laurie Sullivan mentioned in her article: The goal, for Google, is to expand the ways that marketers at brands use and analyze data. Many companies like Allstate, American Cancer Society, Burberry, Samsung, UPS, and WPP Group already use the Google Cloud BigQuery data warehouse.” Amazon happens to be a current customer of Looker in addition to Looker launching a data optimization integration for Amazon Web Services back in 2017. Looker’s existent partnerships includes BuzzFeed, Hearst, King, Sunrun, WPP Essence, and Yahoo. Other Looker customers include Lyft, Etsy, Fox, Sony, Hearst, Cisco, BetterDoctor, and Credit karma mentioned Sullivan.


Sensei’s Corner Guest: Sanarr McLaughlin, Co-host of The Brand Equation

In our next segment, we continue our conversation with Sanarr McLaughlin in the Sensei’s Corner to discuss articles on Diversity and Inclusion in part II of the interview episode.

Interview Article # 1:

Paul Verner was hosting the eMarketers Podcast “Behind the numbers” on behalf of Marques Jonhson, and couples weeks ago published an episode where they dissected Why diversity and Inclusion Mattered with guest host Christine Annene and Mayte Espinal.

Interview Article # 2:

Adage A Seat At The TV’s Table, Five female ad sales executives on the long, hard road to the top.

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