What do Cookie Deprecation and Streaming Video have in Common? Rocky Merchant joins us to discuss




February 24, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Raquel “Rocky” Merchant, Senior ​Display Manager at PayPal.

As we continue to brace through the effect of the Coronavirus outbreak, Rocky and I discuss her work as a #paidmedia strategist for #PayPal including in programmatic buying. As well as exploring other digital activations that PayPal is/may consider as media opportunities, she has been working in partnership with brands and global teams to share best practices on Supply Path Optimization (#SPO).

This week, we refer to the following articles/resources:

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Article #1: Iris.TV Grows Its Contextual Video Marketplace for a Post-Cookie World of the article BY ANDREW BLUSTEIN

With more ad dollars set to flow into connected TV (CTV) and third-party cookies on their way out, one ad-tech company is bolstering its contextual targeting abilities for digital video.


Article #2: What Should Replace The Third-Party Cookie? It Depends On Who You by Premesh Purayil

At the IAB’s recent annual leadership meeting, it seemed that advertisers and publishers were fond of saying, “first-party data is the new currency,” while all the vendors wanted to talk about is how to replace third-party cookies. That’s just a workaround to do business as usual. The problem is that now all of the vendors that relied on third-party cookies are scrambling for a way around it with CNAMEs, universal IDs, hashed email addresses, or phone numbers. All efforts are focused on identifying a user across sites so that data can be collected and attributed to that user. [TURTLEDOVE definition]


Article #3 Beauty For All, Ulta Beauty by Shelley Haus

Diversity & inclusion has been part of our DNA since the beginning of the company. They also feel like they have the responsibility and a great opportunity to shape the way the world sees beauty. So early on, when they were shaping the purpose and articulation of who they are and who they want to be, that piece of it was so critical. And when they launched their first campaign, “The Possibilities Are Beautiful,” around this purpose, the idea of breaking the mold of what beauty looks like. It looks like all ages, ethnicities, and body types; it looks like all genders, gender fluid, transgender, etc. [YOUTUBE VIDEO]


Rocky’s favorite book: American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson


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