102. Why Testing Is Important in Your Programmatic buying with Carlos Villanueva V02




October 11, 2022


Carlos Villanueva shares his thoughts about programmatic experiments, testing during the optimization phase, mentorship, community, and understanding other channels other than programmatic.

00:00:58 – Who is Carlos
00:03:02 – Carlos’ first role in the programmatic space
00:05:12 – Carlos’ day-to-day life
00:07:24 – The importance of experimenting when it comes to programmatic activation
00:12:23 – How results are being measured
00:15:10 – An experiment with a completely different result than what Carlos was expecting
00:19:01 – How Carlos continue educating himself and pass it on to junior-level teams
00:24:29 – The programmatic community and mentorship
00:30:15 – The importance of understanding other channels
00:38:59 – ONe fun fact about Carlos
00:41:45 – Carlos’ advice to his younger self

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