143. Navigating the Shift to Audio-First Advertising Strategies




February 19, 2024


Join us for an insightful conversation with Anne Frisbee from AdsWizz, drawing on her extensive 27-year journey in finance and digital media. Anne shares her expertise, transitioning from Goldman Sachs to pioneering digital audio advertising, emphasizing the crucial partnership between publishers and AdsWizz’s innovative tools. We dive into the shift from mobile-focused to audio-centric advertising, exploring AdsWizz’s adaptive approach and SaaS model.

Our discussion explores the power of sound in branding, spotlighting podcasting’s role in captivating audiences. We debunk myths about audio inventory’s targeting capabilities, discuss the differences between streaming and podcast advertising creatively, and offer advice for brands entering the podcasting realm.

Looking ahead to a post-cookie digital landscape, we evaluate audio’s potential for contextual and data-driven marketing. Grab your headphones and join Anne Frisbee as we navigate the evolving world of audio advertising together.

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00:00:10 – Jobs in Adtech

00:00:37 – Exploring Audio Streaming and Programmatic Advertising

00:06:14 – Explaining Job to a Five-Year-Old

00:10:08 – Opportunities in the Audio Space

00:17:31 – Key Takeaways

00:23:13 – Predictions for Post-2024 Audience Targeting

00:27:04 – Predictive Audiences and Contextual Targeting

00:32:34 – Work-Life Balance and Family Planning

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