145. Elevating Ad Campaigns through Tactical DSP UtilizationWith Preciso




March 4, 2024


Our host, Hélène Parker, explores programmatic advertising with Manal Saho from Preciso, tracing her journey from business administration to leading Preciso’s global sales team. We uncover Preciso’s budget-friendly DSP solutions and the impact of international collaboration in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

We also dive into the staying power of first-party cookies, effective programmatic campaigns, and strategic ad spend allocation. Highlighting transparency, integrating Google Analytics (Shout out to ClickVoyant), and aligning client expectations for campaign success.

Gratitude to Manal for insights, emphasizing clear communication and education on programmatic metrics.

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00:00:10 – Jobs in Adtech

00:00:24 – International Collaboration in Programmatic Advertising

00:07:41 – Discussion on Cookie Deprecation

00:10:33 – First-Party Cookies and Advertising Strategy Importance

00:14:39 – Partnership Considerations and Recommendations (Shoutout to ClickVoyant – Your GA4 angels)

00:16:46 – Importance of Transparency in Marketing

00:25:11 – Expressing Gratitude and Farewell

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