147. Transforming Ad Agencies with Automated Programmatic Solutions




April 10, 2024


Hélène Parker and Sergey from EPOM dive into maximizing agency efficiency and productivity, navigating the programmatic ad tech landscape. They underscore the role of programmatic traders in driving revenue and share EPOM’s advanced technology empowering precise media buying.

Balancing intuition with data-driven decisions and adopting tech stacks enhance traders’ skills. Automation liberates traders from mundane tasks, revolutionizing workflows. They debunk myths of intuition-led strategies and advocate for specialized tools. The discussion highlights AI’s analytical power and human creativity in advertising, emphasizing genuine partnerships and solutions-based approaches.

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(00:18 – 00:48) Agency World Dos and Don’ts

(06:18 – 07:01) Agency Challenges and Solutions

(10:11 – 11:50) Optimizing Agency Platform Efficiency

(14:29 – 15:33) Streamlining Data Automation for Efficiency

(18:23 – 19:18) Flexible Trial Periods for Growing Companies

(29:02 – 30:04) Barriers to in-House Hiring and Training

(33:47 – 35:33) Humanizing Sales Relationships

(39:33 – 40:37) Honesty and Transparency in Sales

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