28. Nishant Desai Shares Applicable Tips To Prepare Your Strategy for Cookie Deprecation




October 13, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, Nishant Desai, the director of technology and operations at Xaxis is back with some major updates (this is a follow-up from Episode 27). Before working for Xaxis, Nishant was in tech support for the ad server and then moved into the client solutions for the company 24/7 real media. In 2014, Xaxis and 24/7 merged, and Nishant moved into technology and operations, where he has been working for almost fourteen years and now heads up the grid. Today’s episode is the updated version from the previous episode. In today’s episode, Nish covers a lot of grounds on best practices and tips you need to know in preparation for Google’s cookie deprecation.

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