33. Kerel Cooper discuss LiveIntent’s Authenticated Bridge Framework and more




October 13, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Kerel Cooper, CMO at LiveIntent and co-host of the Minority Report Podcast. LiveIntent is a prominent provider in the industry, dedicated to helping customers figure out their first-party data strategy with an emphasis on email marketing. From the death of third-party cookies to consent and privacy regulations, email marketing is more valuable of an asset than ever before. Kerel discusses new identity solutions provided by LiveIntent’s authenticated bridge framework, implementing newsletters into a brand’s media plan, the value of second-party data relationships, and recommendations for small to medium-sized publishers with limited resources.

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This week we refer to the following articles/resources:

Resource #1 LiveIntent Authenticated Bridge Framework
Authenticated Bridge offers first-party solutions for publishers and marketers seeking higher CPMs and better performance. With the hashed email address, LiveIntent has made it possible for brands to continue identifying and targeting audiences as third-party cookies deprecate. Authenticated Bridge is dedicated to connecting email and web, giving back control to publishers, and keeping respect for the privacy of consumers at the forefront.

Resource #2 LiveIntent Identity Module in Prebid
LiveIntent nonID brings people-based data and daily authentication to the cookieless arena. Two versions are available with building your Prebid.js package.

Resource #3 Publisher Perspective: Advertisers’ Biggest Concerns for a Cookieless World
In this publisher panel discussion, the concerns of advertisers regrading the deprecation of cookies are highlighted. These concerns include 1) maintaining direct connections with consumers, 2) developing plans to transition to a cookieless world, 3) merging previous investments, 4) minimal testing opportunities for small advertisers, and 5) finding solutions that work for all parties.

Resource #4 Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life by Rory Sutherland

If you had to give your younger self advice as you started in the industry, what would it be?
Show up as yourself and be your authentic self as much as possible. The more we can all be comfortable with who we are, the better we will be at work and life in general.

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