34. Arthur Querou discusses KMTX and the European Market




October 13, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Arthur Querou, Founder and CEO of KMTX, a leading French-based AdTech company. In this episode, Arthur and I are discussing current hot topics in the European market, the implementation of GDPR, and Arthur’s projections for the industry’s future.

This week, we are highlighting:
• Cookies and IDFAs
• The effect of regulations on advertisers’ data monitoring
• Consumers’ control of data tracking
• Solutions for making web advertising simpler and more efficient for advertisers

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1:24 – Arthur’s Background
3:53 – The Complexity of AdTech
5:09 – Arthur’s Ad-Buying Program
6:39 – Hot Topics in the Market
16:36 – GDPR
22:12 – Arthur’s Projections for Upcoming Years
24:50 – Arthur’s 3 Fun Facts
27:30 – Connect with Arthur