52. Can CTV and OTT be Considered as a Performance Channel?




October 13, 2021


This week we have Dan Larkman, who is the CEO and Founder of Keynes Digital. Keynes Digital is a full-service programmatic agency that is based in Austin, TX. This week we focused on the topic of ConnectedTV and OTT Media Service and how it can be considered as a performance channel. Dan explains how CTV can be used as a way to tracked users through conversion on multiple devices. We later discuss the ways the iOS 14.5 update has impacted ad revenue on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With the restriction of the iOS 14.5 update we now have to use another way to target those users that were lost, one way is through CTV which gives us the ability to reach those users through their other devices by using different targeted ads. Lastly, we wrapped up the segment by discussing the constant battle between the marketing and creative focus of ads and if focused incorrectly it can lead to many missed opportunities to target users.

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Keynes Digital
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00:00 – Podcast Introduction
00:38 – Guest Introduction
04:00 – Looking at CTV as a Performance Channel
07:03 – How to Track Users Using CTV
09:50 – How CTV had changed the Consumer Perspective
13:13 – How the iOS 14.5 update has impacted revenue
16:40 – Linear TV vs ConnectedTV
18:59 – Marketing vs Creative Team
20:42 – Personalized Ad Messaging
27:53 Closing Remarks
30:45 – Podcast Outro

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