64. Programmatic In Housing and On Demand Talent




December 14, 2021


We are excited to welcome Brian Chap to the Sensei’s Corner this week! Brian is the Founder and CEO of Tech Recipes. Tech Recipes is a startup that focuses on helping brands in-house with their data-driven marketing efforts. We begin this week’s conversation with programmatic in-housing and discuss the options and strategies brands should consider when moving in-house. Where do you start? How long does it take? What will it cost me? Brian’s lay it all out with his expert advice and recommendation. We wrap up this week’s conversation with Brian’s industry projection, where he states that the on-demand work style is here to stay and also notes that globalization of talents will definitely have a big impact on a brand’s abilities to solve complex problems because of the difference in culture and background.

Connect with:

Brian Chap:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianchap/

Tech Recipes

Website : https://www.thetechrecipes.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/techrecipes/

Helene Parker
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00:00 – Podcast Intro
00:57 – Guest Introduction
02:41 – What is TechRecipes?
06:50 – The Programmatic Meetup
09:07 – Moving Programmatic In-House
10:34 – The Uber Effect
15:18 – Agency Productivity
24:09 – Industry Projections
26:53 – Last Remarks
30:08 – Podcast Outro