66. 2021 Was The Year of Discovery and Possibility




December 28, 2021


We have made it through another amazing and challenging year🎉

This week in the Sensei Corner we take time to reflect on how much we have accomplished, areas we feel need a little more improvement and discuss some of the future endeavors we hope to pursue in the coming year.

After launching in summer 2019, we ended season 1 in summer 2020 to relaunch officially in February 2021. Our mission is to provide consistent and exciting content to serve and reach our community in the Programmatic and Paid Advertising field.

From February 2021 to November 2021, we’ve recorded an increase in yearly downloads of 250% and continue to record a monthly increase ranging between 20%-40% MoM. We’ve been extremely strategic and mindful of our promotional efforts leading us to manifest and project 20% MoM growth on Monthly downloads in 2022.
By the Numbers, it looks like:
200-300 downloads per episode
12,000 downloads total YTD
1,750 IG Followers
3,500 LI Followers
And more

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Video Editor

Cint Davis
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Social Media Manager

Tasha Niang
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Key Takeaways of this Weeks Episode:

2021 Takeaways
​​The mission of the podcast
Being Consistent
Knowing When to Delegatee
Being Purpose-driven
Branding Challenges
Our Internal Processes
Our Podcast by the numbers