98. The Future of Programmatic Media Buying with Mike Woods




August 30, 2022


We welcome Mike Woods of Affinity Solutions to the Sensei’s corner. Mike is the Senior Vice President of Sales and New Client Engagement at Affinity Solutions. In today’s episode, Mike and I discuss the future of programmatic buying, purchase-based insight, and predictive consumer behavioral patterns.

01:08 – Meet Mike Woods
02:16 – What is Affinity Solutions?
07:28 – Mike’s Simplified Definition of Programmatic Buying
10:03 – How Affinity Solutions Defines Media Buying and Their Process for Media Buying
12:47 – How to Pitch Media Buying to a Brand or Agency
15:57 – The Importance of Understanding Consumer Behavior
19:04 – Mike’s Perspective on Cookie Deprecation & Its Impact on Affinity Solutions’ Process for Gathering Data
25:07 – Mike’s Three Takeaways from Today’s Episode
28:52 – Useful Skills that Mike Developed Before Entering the Programmatic Space
30:38 – Mike’s Fun Fact
31:10 – How to Contact Mike
31:59 – Mike’s Favorite Book