137. Above The Fold, a Boutique-Style Agency in Programmatic Advertising




October 3, 2023


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Owning an account from start to growth is growing more popular and Above The Fold Partners are our guest on the podcast this week, highlighting the importance of boutique style agencies.

They specialise in piecing the funnel back together for their clients, prioritising all channels the right way by educating, recommending, and testing the full funnel for their brands and clients.

Jessica and Julianne are a breath of fresh air and their charisma and passion for what they do can be heard in this interview.

If you are interested in working with the Above The Fold team, feel free to reach out to Julianne Martin (https://cal.services/julianne/Book-a-meeting-w%2F-Julianne-/y-InSaRDO), and receive a free media plan to see how programmatic can fit in your marketing/advertising.

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Hélène Parker has over 10 years of experience in programmatic media buying, servicing agencies and brands in activation, strategy and planning, and leadership. She now dedicates her time to recruiting and training programmatic traders while consulting companies on how to grow and scale a programmatic department.
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00:03:23 – Who is Julianne Martin?
00:08:32 – Who is Jessica Chase?
00:15:54 – The importance of 3rd party education training like the Reach and Frequency™️
00:18:02 – Importance of working with a Boutique Style Programmatic Agency
00:22:32 – Specialise teams vs. Account based
00:27:11 – Piecing the digital advertising puzzle together from top to low funnel
00:31:02 – The Google Analytics Dance
00:34:22 – The Success Story of a Startup that Grew Revenue By Partnering With Above The Fold
00:36:45 – Julianne’s Successful Case Study of Supplement eCommerce Brands

00:40:41 – Why TikToking Programmatic Is Working (Check out @ ProgrammaticAds on TikTok)
00:43:21 – Jessica’s Word of Wisdom: Prioritising Your Time #TimeManagement #PrioritizingWellness
00:45:51 – Julianne’s Word of Wisdom: Be A Source of Good: Integrity and Expertise #fulfillingwork
00:48:10 – Giving 3 F*cks A Day To Help Keep Your Sanity

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Above The Fold

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