How To Optimize Sites and Supply Inventory




November 1, 2023


In this video, we are optimizing a sample report focusing on the site and supply inventory. As a trader, or buyer, our main role is to ensure our ad campaigns are performing as efficiently as possible while maximizing our ad dollar for the highest performance possible.

That mean, we need to trim any underperforming inventory source and understand opportunities with the highest performing ones.

The video covers from A-Z how you should optimize your site list and supply vendors and also include an intro to SPO (buy-side style).

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00:02:01: Pre-requisite to-do before optimizing
00:04:31: Optimization Grid (see below for more information)
00:05:45: Average bid CPM vs. advertiser CPM – the difference
00:08:12: Getting started-Reformatting your excel
00:11:23: Start with looking at your Top and Lowest performing adgroup00:14:12: If you don’t know where to start – look at supply inventory
00:20:22: The best keyboard shortcut SHIFT – COMMAND – ⬇️
00:20:22: Color is important
00:28:20: Set an impression count threshold
00:37:25: Taking notes: This is your insight or analysis
00:42:05: Introducing your probation list
00:46:15: Identifying trends
00:48:45: Bid factoring down vs. excluding
00:50:36: Why looking at supply vendors are important
00:53:23: Does it make sense to bid down
00:57:38: we hear from the sell-side

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