How To Partner With Black Owned Media, for real




November 28, 2023


Episode 139

Title: How To Partner With Black Owned Media, for real!

DéVon Christopher Johnson is a media entrepreneur and a marketing expert with over 11 years of experience in creating and leading diverse and inclusive multimedia platforms. He is the co-founder of Black Owned Media Equity & Sustainability Institute (BOMESI), a non-profit organization that supports and empowers Black-owned media outlets to thrive and grow. He is also the founder and CEO of BleuLife Media Group, a full-scale media company that speaks to the modern and aspirational multicultural male audience through print, digital, podcasts, events, and influencers.

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The Future is Diverse Black owned media is quality media BOMESI’s mission to elevate and educate Donate finanically and volunteer your expertise DéVon’s wisdom Additional resources mentioned in the interview:

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00:00:15 – Shoutout to Beeler.Tech for putting the Navigator

00:01:45 – Meet DéVon Christopher Johnson

00:02:00 – BLEU LIFE and Its Mission

00:02:15 – Why Was Bombshell By Bleu Created and Its Mission

00:03:10 – the Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute – BOMESI

00:05:45 – The Buyer and Seller Relationship: Trust, Creativity, Expertise

00:06:22 – The Bleu Life Magazine Brand Is Currency and Quality, Reaching Black Men

00:08:45 – The History of Black Bodies Has Always Been Exploited As A Marketing Tool

00:11:20 – What Would DéVon Do? A LinkedIN Tale of Racism at an Ad Agency

00:16:38 – Lead With Compassion and Be the Ally By Actively Listening

00:19:30 – BOMESI Is Solution Driven

00:22:05 – Check out the BOMESI Accelerator Powered by GM

00:24:05 – The Difference Between Programmatic Selling vs. Buying

00:27:55 – How Do Buyers Know Minority Owned Media

00:30:01 – “We Don’t Have A Diversity / DEI Budget”

00:33:35 – Giving Tuesday Effort – Support HERE

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