How To Sign Up To The Reach and Frequency™️ Program




July 14, 2023


We have 3 payment options:
💡 A deposit of $500 + 4 monthly payments of $375

💡 $1,575 One time payment (Saving $400 with this option)

💡 Via Klarna and or Afterpay, where monthly payment can be as low as $137.

Why Join This Program? 🎉
Learn the soft and technical skills needed to land into the most in-demand job at the moment, the programmatic media trader ( or campaign manager).
You will have access to on-demand lessons, a dope community of fellow experts, and job placement assistance.

This is for you if…
☑️ You have little to no experience in marketing but are interested in learning a new skill in the digital advertising industry

☑️ You are working in a field that doesn’t pay as much and requires to be away from home all day

☑️ You are looking for a work from anywhere or work from home or hybrid home/office opportunity

☑️ You are looking to work with fun benefits (think coffee Tuesdays or early release on Fridays)

☑️ You are feeling stuck in your life and not clear on your next steps

☑️ You are working in Corporate

☑️ You are currently working in media traditional or digital, and want to specialize in programmatic

☑️ You are in Sales, PR, Communications, Creatives, IT and want to expand your skills in digital marketing

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