Is The Programmatic Meetup For You?




January 5, 2022


✔️ Are You Able To Be Authentically Yourself At Work Or During Meetings? Without Codeswtiching?
✔️ Is Work Aligned With Your Lifestyle And Values? What Does Your Work-Life Balance Look Like?
✔️ Are You Encouraged To Participate In Training And Self-Development Without Restrictions And Expectations?

🥺 If you answered 3 or 4 No’s then this is for you!

The Programmatic Meetup Is A Space Where A Community Of Media Buyers, Traders, AdOps, And Any Digital Campaign Managers or Related, Can Hang Out And Discuss Opportunities And Challenges In Their Direct Fields.

Our Mission for this community is to normalize self-development and training with no restrictions and expectations while being authentically ourselves!

Let’s Normalize asking questions we can’t ask, “at work” because we are supposed to be “the expert” and we should “already” know.

Growth and Learning are continuous and not created equal.
It is a journey, not a destination.

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