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February 8, 2022


This is your Daily 1-5 mins Industry and Trends Breakdown

How Many Sites Do You Need In Your Whitelist? by Dr. Augustine Fou – Ad Fraud Researcher

This is a Live Demo on How to Pull a whitelist/ Inclusion List:

1. Pull your site list report or inventory report: make sure you are pulling 30-45 days depending on your advertiser
2. Copy paste that sheet in a new one to help you pivot and manipulate outside of the pivot downloaded. Some DSP downloads the raw data so you may not need this step
3. I recommend looking at websites that have the highest performing KPI at the most efficient cost.
🌟 Try answering this question: Are we spending too much with no return? Is this site costing me a lot of money compared to the KPI performance?
4. You might have to only looking at sites with 10K or 100K impressions, depending on your spend and industry. Sites below that impression threshold might just need a little bit more time to perform
5. In the Example, we look at CTR as the main KPI and then Cost.
6. Lastly, use the conditional format to help visualize which of the sites have the highest CTR, with the most efficient cost, and above the impression count threshold.
7. Add those top 10-50 sites in your whitelist/ inclusion site list, and continue building up that site list.
8. This ain’t no set it and forget it so you will have to do this consistently and often.

😬 These steps above are just simple recommendation that you will have to optimize based o your advertised, industry, budget, and main KPI❗️

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