Reach and Frequency Course: Quick Inside Look




April 13, 2022


In this video, I walk you through the following:
✅ Lessons included
✅ Different Payment Plan
Inside Look of the course learning platform (Thinkific)
✅ Everything that comes with enrolling in the course:
(Lessons + Monthly students only Live masterclass + Community + Consulting + Job Placement + More Magic)

This is for you if:
🦄 You are looking for an interactive and engaging learning style
🦄 You need to acquire new skills and take your marketing career to the next level
🦄. You are already working in the Programmatic Ad Tech and want to level up your skills
🦄 You are longing to join a fantastic community where you are encouraged to learn at your own pace, authentically and dynamically.
🦄 You want that promotion or that higher paying job with the benefits you and your family deserve

I remember starting in 2013 as a programmatic media trader and thinking how lucky I was to have found a job at an ad agency with the best manager and the most amazing team ever!!!!

I remember wishing however for more form of education and needing a community outside of work where I could bounce ideas, discuss articles, ask questions without judgment…

⚽️ Module 1 is Free and I invite you to join us!

You have control over your day and You are worthy and dersving of a great life…Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start.

🥲. Take that first step and sign up today!