The Programmatically Correct: The Cookie Crumble I




October 13, 2021


This past couple of week’s theme was The Cookie Crumble. We covered the origins of the cookie and how advertising has used cookies in audience targeting. We also talked about the potential solutions as I am super optimistic for this industry and covered some positive options to consider as we move into a cookie-less world.

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This is for you if:
✅ You’re a growing digital marketing agency that’s ready to add programmatic media to your biz mix OR have already started but aren’t converting
✅ You’re a professional with traditional media background looking to expand your skillset
✅ You are a brand or company looking to bring programmatic in-house
✅ You want expert advice on campaign setup, audience targeting, how to partner up with AdTechs, and more
✅ You want to hang with me and talk all things programmatic including “cookieless”, or rather Identity Link Solutions or CTV or any latest industry update.

This Live Serie is inspired by Helene Parker Consulting:
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