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October 13, 2021


The Programmatically Correct is A Live Social Serie on Mondays & Thursdays Where We Demystify The Programmatic Media Industry For Digital Marketers.
You can tune in at 12 PM ET (GMT-4) on all major social networks including Clubhouse.

Last week, we covered the life of An Ad impression. You can see the 23 mins session here
This week, we are looking at things from another angle and identifying each important player at different stages of the Life of An Ad Impression, specifically the Programmatic Ecosystem.
Who are those key players? What role do they play? Why is it important to understand this process?
The programmatic ecosystem uses various technology platforms and companies that all play an essential role in the buying and selling of Ad.

This is for you if:
✅ You’re a growing digital marketing agency that’s ready to add programmatic media to your biz mix OR have already started but aren’t converting
✅ You’re a professional with traditional media background looking to expand your skillset
✅ You are a brand or company looking to bring programmatic in-house
✅ You want expert advice on campaign setup, audience targeting, how to partner up with AdTechs, and more
✅ You want to hang with me and talk all things programmatic including “cookieless”, or rather Identity Link Solutions or CTV or any latest industry update.

This Live Serie is inspired by Helene Parker Consulting:
🤎 The Insertion 🧡
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About The Host 🦄
Hélène (read “Ellen”) Parker……

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