What Programmatic Ads can Look Like




March 3, 2023


You know what programmatic ad looks like!
Chances are, you’ve already experienced them!

Here is a 7mins long video on what programmatic ads can look like giving you a visual but also explaining the beauty of it.

Programmatic advertising has access to new technologies with many targeting options.

Because it is online and using digital tech, we can measure and track our advertising effort.

The bottom line and beauty of it all are that it is cost, time, and energy-efficient.

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Our mission is to teach historically excluded people how to get started in programmatic media buying and find a dream job.

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Hélène Parker has over 10 years of experience in programmatic media buying, servicing agencies and brands in activation, strategy and planning, and leadership. She now dedicates her time to recruiting and training programmatic traders while consulting companies on how to grow and scale a programmatic department.

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