Why Kaley Metz Joined The Reach and Frequency™️ Program




June 30, 2023


Check out Kaley’s full 3 mins testimonial where she shared her reason for joining the program.

If you are interested in joining Kaley and others successful programmatic ninja, Check out:

🌟 Our mission:
To teach historically excluded people how to start and grow in a programmatic career.

🎉 This is for anyone or for you if
– You have little to no experience in marketing but are interested in learning a new skill in the digital advertising industry

– You are working in sales, retail, healthcare, tech, product or have been laid off recently

– You are looking for a work from anywhere or work from home or hybrid home/office opportunity

– You are looking to work with fun benefits (think coffee Tuesdays or early release on Fridays)

– You are feeling stuck in your life and not clear on your next steps

– You are willing to commit 2-3 hours weekly to follow the program curriculum and committed to doing the assignment and homework!

You can also book a call with me, your host and instructor, and ask all the questions you need:

Here’s another option as well 🦄

📖 Find your if you’re a fit for a career in digital/programmatic media by taking this short 5 questions quiz: