100. We Made It To 100!




September 27, 2022


It’s our 100th episode! What better way to celebrate this milestone than by interviewing myself. In this episode, I will share where I’m from, my parents, my employment history, building my business, and the latest updates about my journey.


00:00:41 – How we’ll celebrate the 100th episode.

00:01:27 – Expressing Gratitude Towards Avid Listeners.

00:02:21 – Sharing Personal Details.

00:06:54 – The beginning of my exploration into the programmatic field.

00:11:06 – Becoming a digital media buyer.

00:13:33 – What is Cultural Add?

00:14:36 – Defining programmatic advertising.

00:15:32 – One of the reasons why I created the course Reach and Frequency.

00:17:37 – Why I created the media map.

00:26:14 – Helene Parker Consulting LLC.

00:30:44 – The fundamentals of the programmatic ecosystem.

00:32:04 – What’s expected of you when you want to go into the programmatic field.

00:32:54 – My advice for those who want to be in the programmatic industry.

00:34:53 – Latest updates about my journey and what I have in store for you.

00:37:57 – It’s about impact.

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