105. 3 Tips for Job Seekers On Getting Started In Programmatic with Brandon Pollard




November 1, 2022


The programmatic field can be overwhelming and confusing at first. That’s why we have Brandon Pollard in this episode to share his experience and expertise for people who’d love to get into programmatic but don’t know where to start.


00:01:16 – Who is Brandon Pollard

00:05:35 – 3 important tips for people who are getting started in the programmatic world

00:13:58 – Getting to know Kortx from the inside

00:16:15 – The 3 pillars of Kortx

00:17:06 – What Brandon likes about working in Kortx

00:18:36 – Building connections with clients

00:21:48 – Visit Kortx’s website

00:23:11 – A fun fact about Brandon Pollard

00:24:24 – Latest fun thing Brandon has done

00:25:54 – Words of wisdom from Brandon Pollard

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