110. 7 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Programmatic Campaign Before A Holiday




December 13, 2022


Who wouldn’t want their work to be the best quality, right? So in this episode, I’ll talk about the importance of QA and what to do during the holidays. 

00:00:21 – Importance of having QA

00:01:28 – What is QA?

00:03:30 – Steps you should consider implementing TODAY

00:05:46 – The importance of being on the same page when it comes to deliverables 

00:09:23 – How to setup QA

00:14:21 – The best thing to do after the campaign is launched

00:17:02 – Why you need a pre-holiday checklist for your programmatic campaign

00:20:32 – Helene’s 7 things to ensure your campaign is set before the holidays

00:29:16 – “Do that extra step.”

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