115. The Current State of Programmatic Mobile with Ravit Ross at Start.IO




January 17, 2023


After a lot of scheduling work and despite the technical issues, we are joined by Ravit Ross from Start.IO. We’ll be discussing mobile-specific audience segmentation, mobile technology, mobile targeting technologies.


00:01:03 – Who is Ravit Ross

00:02:37 – Ravit’s work experience

00:04:38 – Defining Ravit’s job to a 5-year old

00:08:16 – What’s affected by the Google cookie deprecation issue

00:11:49 – Where we stand on privacy on mobile devices

00:14:42 – Advise to people in the field to ensure the privacy of users

00:16:59 – Ravit’s recommendation on dealing with providers that give fluff

00:18:50 – Addressing limitations in measurements

00:20:35 – 3 actionable insights

00:22:34 – A fun fact about Ravit Ross

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