116. Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Programmatic




January 24, 2023


Elayseah Woodard is a recruiting and talent acquisition expert, and she’ll be talking about how to hire in the digital advertising space. This episode is perfect for you if you’re a hiring manager or a candidate.


00:01:41 – Who is Elayseah

00:02:59 – Elayseah’s dream job

00:03:55 – Defining recruitment to a 5-year old

00:04:28 – Difference between talent acquisition and recruiting

00:07:38 – Top mistakes a hiring manager is doing

00:10:33 – Benefits of working with a recruiter

00:14:12 – Tips for candidates

00:16:58 – Common mistakes she sees when talking to candidates

00:19:27 – What excites her in recruiting for the programmatic field

00:20:32 – How Elayseah knows the candidate is not a good fit

00:26:43 – When should they start reaching out to a recruiter

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