117. How This Yoga Therapist Got Started In Programmatic




January 31, 2023


Lynzee is a yoga therapist with her own studio who delved into the programmatic field. She tells her story of quitting over a decade of corporate work to be an entrepreneur. As a dynamic person who is naturally curious about a lot of things, she was attracted to Helene’s energy and enthusiasm about programmatic media, which then led Lynzee to join the Reach and Frequency program.


00:01:11 – Who is Lynzee Horton

00:01:47 – Lynzee Horton as a Yoga Therapist with her own studio

00:02:52 – Reason why Lynzee Horton joined the Reach and Frequency Program

00:03:46 – What you need to know about the Reach and Frequency Program

00:05:36 – Lynzee’s experience with the Reach and Frequency Program

00:09:25 – Helene’s tip that impacted Lynzee the most

00:12:33 – Leveraging the free tools you have

00:16:40 – Growing your network

00:17:35 – Lynzee defines Programmatic Media to a 5 year-old

00:18:54 – What can improve in the program

00:20:44 – Why should anybody join the program

00:22:20 – Fun Fact about Lynzee Horton

00:23:40 – Words of Wisdom from Lynzee Horton

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