120. Programmatic Ninja Well-being Series: Minimizing Efforts and Increasing Automation




February 21, 2023


Day 2 of our Programmatic Ninja Well-being Series, and Brett is still joining us and sharing his programmatic wisdom. Today, we talked about burnout and how to prevent it and using automation and QA to minimize human errors. Also, I will share the meaning and use of C.A.M.P.A.I.G.N. 

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00:01:15 – Who is Brett Middleton

00:03:30 – Brett’s college journey

00:06:17 – 2 wins and a challenge

00:10:40 – Why do people feel burnt out

00:14:07 – Steps someone can take to avoid burnout

00:19:14 – How to get started when you don’t have a background in programmatic

00:29:08 – Errors as opportunities

00:31:49 – The use of STF reduces human errors

00:36:33 – Don’t make it hard on yourself

00:42:42 – C.A.M.P.A.I.G.N.

00:45:30 – How traders think about performance optimization

00:48:08 – Using STFs for Quality Assurance

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