83. Creating Sanity For Marketers In The Cookiepocalypse




May 6, 2022


What is the tweet version of today’s podcast, according to Kevin: 

The tweet version is pick two or three data points that are really important and will move the needle for you.  Make sure those data points, you can attribute those to individual consumers or clients, not channels or cookies, and then make sure you’re measuring whether real people, the real people you’re looking for are actually seeing your dollars well spent or not.


00:30 – Intro
4:05: How and what should we know about data today? What should we focus on right now?
5:15 – Prohaska Consulting POV
8:03 – Too much data isn’t the solution
13:04 – Definition to attribution modeling
15:46 – Ground your spend in the source of value, not channel
19:30 – Zeus was unclear about Attribution model and how to look at it
21:03 – Programmatic Meetup Live Training on Site List optimization
22:35 – Shoutout to Manuela Cortes for SPO training
25:00 – Importance of SPO and how it related to data, cost, and measurement
27:00 – Data is identity, measurement, and attribution
29:05 – Recap of our discussion
31:00 – Fun Facts about Kevin

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