86. How to Scale Your First-Party Data Strategy




June 14, 2022


This podcast was made in partnership with WorkReduce.

We welcome Josh Perlstein of Response Media to the Sensei’s Corner! Response Media is a Digital and Direct Agency specializing in building valuable, meaningful relationships between brands and consumers at scale. In this episode, Josh Perlstein and I discuss data-driven advertising, the latest trends in first-party data, and cookie deprecation. Josh shares a Case Study on a company he helped best utilize their first-party data. Josh also leaves us with three actionable steps to take our first-party data usage to the next level.


00:42 – Josh’s Introduction

05:21 – What is data-driven advertising?

8:56 – First-party data & cookie deprecation latest updates & trends

17:59 – First-Party Data Use Case Study

28:55 – Three Actionable Steps to Take First-Party Data Usage to the Next Level

37:05 – Josh’s Fun Fact

39:52 – Josh’s Advice to His Younger Self

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